Friday, April 14, 2006

A Huge Amount of Stuff


1. I picked up our registrations forms last night. I will drop them off at McKendree's tomorrow for you to pick them up. If we could have them completed and registration and family partnership monies attached and given to me by April 28th, that would be bananas!!

2. The bridging ceremony has been bumped to 3pm instead of 2pm at Central Baptist. I've been told that it will last only an hour, so it shouldn't conflict with any Holy Moses participants. Also Daisies will bridge first at the beginning of the ceremony, so...more time for you there.

3. I know asked this at the March 25th meeting, but I want to be clear. Quick vote: At the bridging ceremony do you want your Daisy to receive her vest or just her pin and ending certificate? If the vest, the cost for them are $14.50 or for half sizes 15.50. The Badge and Dash comes to McKendree on the 20th(next Thursday, but will not return until after the Bridging Ceremony in May, so... I need a 100% vote on this issue, because each parent would have to pay for the vest and instead of me picking up ending certificates I will pick up pins on Thursday. If you want me to pick up the vest for you, I need your money before next Thursday. Remember I will be going out of town the following Friday.

4. Kim came up with a nice alternative to our April 22nd meeting. Is it possible for us to meet a spell longer after our April 28th meeting with Troop 1562? Maybe we could make the flowers and go out for pizza? Hit me back, if that's a good option.

5. As of now I have half feedback on the headcount for Bridging. I need this information, because we are making programs for the guests and we need to make sure we have enough food and beverage to accomodate everyone.

6. In lieu of our Make the World a Better Place petal- Rose. We have two options to earn this:

      1. Participate in McKendree UMC's Clean up in April(which date 21-23??) or
      2. Participate in our service unit CSP-Donating items to the Gwinnett Children's Shelter.  Or both :)

But...We will earn the Rose petal anyway, since we've done so many nice things for the community this year. So from my talley everyone should have all their petals except for three Daisies, who are off by one or two. Which is very good.

7. Do you want to meet after Bridging to discuss our troop's summer plans and fall/winter camping plans? Troops can register for camping starting now. I will be training in camping basics by the end of July, so we should be good to go by the fall. Not for nothing, but I would love an Adult Volunter to take on this gig. :)

Also our troop can earn its religious award this summer.

8. 10 New dates to note(I will post most of this email on the blog today through the summer.) Also note we will not do all of these, one or none. But I wanted you to see some of the many things that will be going down this summer and fall that our Brownie to Be's could participate in. As well as present an opportunity to brainstorm whether we can plan and fund these events. I'm thinking about business donors as we speak. :)
     1. Leader Appreciate Day is April 22. If you liked your leaders this year, let them know. :) Thanks, Haley for the poster. Selah's jealous!
     2. the Atlanta Children's Museuam Imagine IT! Girl Scout Days for Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts May6 and May 7(Bridging weekend) Yikes!!
     3. Girl Scout Day with the Atlanta Braves on Sunday Sept. 17. We get to march in the Girl Scout Parade before the game. Oh, boy! Tickets will be available at Badge and Dash. Could we plan this? Sounds good to me.
     4. Serendipity Weekend/Mom and Daughter Camping Oct. 13-15. Camp Meriweather, Luthersville (check the blog this month thru this June on this camp.) Registration deadline July 19.
     5. Brownie Adventure Overnight. Sept. 15-16. Cam Timber Ridge, Mableton. Registration begins now.
     6. Brownie Blast. Sept. 22-24 or Sept.29-Oct.1. Camp Pine Acres, Acworth.Registration begins June 1.
     7. Eco-Exploreer Try It Workshop. Oct. 7 1-5pm/ Registration July 1-Sept. 15.
      8. Brownie, Troop Leader Equestrian Day. Aug. 19-Sept. 9. Camp Pine Acres, Acworth. Registration begins June 1.
     9. Pony Parade Weekend. Oct. 21-22. Camp Misty Mountain, Armuchee.
     10. Meriweather Barn Blast. Nov. 4. Camp Meriweather, Luthersville. Registration beings April 1.

Huge. (I'm saying it like Donald Trump says it.) Huge email.
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